Windows 8 Apollo Operating System Features

Windows Phone 8 details are out. Thanks to a leaked video featuring Microsoft’s Windows Phone champion Joe Belfiore talking about Windows Phone 8 and its new features.

Windows Phone 8 is reported to be the version of the platform currently being referred by codename “Apollo”.

The video, obtained by PocketNow is believed to be intended for Microsoft’s partners at Nokia. Here are some of the new features coming in Windows Phone 8 as per the leaked video.


Hardware update

As per Belfiore’s video, PockeNow sees changes in Windows Phone 8’s hardware parameters.

Apollo is expected to add support for multicore processors, new screen resolutions and removable microSD card storage.


Windows 8 Apollo will reportedly have a new feature called DataSmart to actively track users’ data usage.

“Besides providing a breakdown of data consumption, as other platforms already do, Windows Phone 8 will actively attempt to give Wi-Fi connections precedence, going so far as to automatically connect to carrier-owned WLANs when in range,” writes PocketNow.

SkyDrive integration

Microsoft is also speculated to make users content available on various platforms through SkyDrive.

App-to-App communication

Another new feature according to the leaked video is support for app-to-app communications.

NFC and Wallet

In the video, Belfiore, also speaks about “Wallet experience” and support for near-field communications (NFC). Windows Phone 8 is reported to allow users to pay and share via NFC.

Writes PocketNow, “…will have the capability to be carrier-branded and controlled, either by a secure element on the SIM card or utilizing hardware in the phone itself.”


Windows Phone 8 is reported to support new “lens apps” and add a powerful camera experience.

In the video, according to PocketNow, Microsoft exec Belfiore gives the example of a lens app that combines burst mode with smile detection to capture a perfect portrait shot.

BitLocker encryption

PocketNow also believes that in a bid to gain enterprise market, Windows Phone 8 will add native BitLocker encryption, the128-bit, full-disk encryption found on Microsoft’s recent desktop platforms.

According to a post by Paul Thorrtton, “Also, it will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities. Businesses will be able to distribute phone apps privately as they can with Windows 8 apps.”

Windows 8 OS components

Various media reports also suggest that Windows Phone 8 just wouldn’t only share user interface with the Microsoft’s next-generation tablet and desktop OS. It will also be using many of its other components as well.

Kernel, multi-core processor support, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies are all believed to be coming from Windows 8. For developers, this means it will be easier for them to port Windows apps to Windows Phone 8. 


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