Why you won’t be hired in Company Interview?

Before going to appear any interview you are always prepared so why won’t you hired. Recently it is legalised to compile social media reports for other companies to use in order to screen potential hires. Now it is important to keep your social media account clean in every manner.

Mindflash.com said, “With this service becoming available in the near future, it’s more important than ever to keep your social media presence as clean as possible as you never know if a future employer is going to find something that makes it believe you are not fit for the job, or the type of employee they are looking for”.

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Your social media account unintentionally affects your dream job, but how? Below are few reasons which you should take care of:


Social networking is for making social network. It helps you to connect with your friends and family. People love to post their updated images (informal images). They don’t even care that the image is sober or clicked in a bar. But such images can ruin your career. Obviously such image would not throw good image on employer. So put good images.

Inappropriate comments

Communities you have joined can make an impression. Always think twice before leaving your inappropriate and annoying comments on the very informative and formal blogs, tweets and posts on these networks as it drop bad print on employers about your mind. Annoying comments also make a feel of negative vibes from you and no one wants to hire such person.

Stop Discussing

Don’t ever discussing about your previous job on social networking site. Especially negative comments, it disturb employer for your selection.

These are few reasons which you should take care if you are going to appear any interview.

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