Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO!

Black hat SEO includes all unethical techniques used to get high search engine rankings. These techniques can give short-term rankings for your keywords or website, but it has the risk of being penalized by the major search engines. It could be a short-term solution to grab traffic to your website. It is not a god practice to stay ahead of other competitors on the web. The black hat SEO tricks include breaking the search engine’s rules and regulations.  All these tricks are unethical as they present the content in non-visual way for trick the search engine spiders.

black hat seo tricks

Here are certain things Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO:

  • Stuffing lots of keywords on the website would make you penalized by the search engines. You can use keywords in your content that makes sense to the readers and search engine crawlers.
  • Do not use invisible text on your website. It is setting up of the content with the same font color as that of the background. This SEO trick is used to attract the search engine crawlers, but this could be harmful for your web ranking.
  • Do not include doorway pages on your website. The doorway pages are the web pages created especially for the search engines. It is one of the risky tricks for getting higher ranks on major search engines. These are fake pages that are not visible to the users.

Black hat SEO tricks are really appealing, but not permanent solution to get highly ranked on search engines. Using more black hat tricks could make you end up with penalizing your website, so stay away from such tricks. 


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