Volkswagen iBeetle – An Apple Technology Car

World is experiencing innovation in every field today so why car will remain ignorant from this air of revolution. Though undoubtedly car has also undergone huge innovation but that’s not all. So here is the new Volkswagen iBeetle, A car with apple technology, though not the same Apple iCar that you often dream of but you will feel assured that soon your dreams will get the shape after viewing it…

Volkswagen apple iBeetle

When iBeetle was this announced?

It was announced on Monday at Shanghai Auto Show. Volkswagen had collaborated with Apple for the production of iBeetle Convertible and iBeetle Coup. These vehicles will completely desegregate alongside iPhone. Though cars with iPhone support are getting common but surely this partnership is calling for some new bells, something extraordinary in this field. Volkswagen iBeetle is working for a very different concept where it is looking for a middle way where both iPhone and car will be used.

Want to know more about iBeetle?

Drivers of these cars will be in a position to do calls hand-free, listen to endless music and so on. IBeetle and IPhone docking station could be called as the accompanying app of it. Within the car you could enjoy iPhone camera, Spotify, enjoy social networking sites and so on inside the car. You could also avail gamified series which are made to reflect the apps ability and maintain the track of activities inside the car. Side by side you get many instruments that could read G meter for counting lateral acceleration, you could also estimate the oil requirement or the coolant temperature of the engine, compass for showing you the direction and that’s not all you could also get chronometer and many other facility. Nothing will be left in this collaboration and more of fun is going to be added in this series. This car is a perfect example of style and affirmation for iPhone color scheme.

apple ibeetle

When you can actually enjoy seeing the shape of your dream?

This car is expected to be in road by early 2014 and those who cannot wait till than can grab a glance or could snapshot somewhere near 2013, October.

iBeetle Look

You could see them in the dreamy white color, the monochrome black, deepest black that has the effect of pearl, reflexive silver, Oryx white and all time favorite platinum grey. Exterior of cars look can win the attraction of any one. It has reach all excel in it. Internally also you will see the perfect combination of black and grey. Black for the seats and grey for the dash pad. Leathery sports seats are not only comfortable but have high comfort and style appeal in it.

iBeetle Price

Though the estimation of cost has not been revealed till now but it is expected that whatever it will be, it will surely stay ahead the features it is providing.

Quite often if you re-read the dreams of your parents or even your own, somewhere deep you longed for a car that could provide all these features after watching any technological movie or few cartoon series where the hero possess a car that has all these features. So now all your dreams are true!


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