A trip to Togian- that made memories memorable

Life is somewhere full of adventure. Sometimes we learn and other times we teach. Travelling is fun when it is full of adventure, fun, excitement and with good company. I always wanted to go for a trip that remains memorable throughout my life and that too with my friends. When after our graduation I discussed it with them they agreed but the entire responsibility of making it memorable and exciting was laid on me. People say memories built on their own but this time it was me who had planned the entire set of memorable clouds. Travelling was something that had remains with me since I was born.

I along with four of my friends decided to go to Sulawesi. We always had the passion of travelling to the beaten path and hence Togian Island seemed to be the perfect landmark. In order to reach Sulawesi we crossed komodo, Timor and Flores. Togain is located in the heart of Sulawesi. First we took a flight to Manado and then went to a place called Gorontalo. Then came the most important part of the trip- boat ride that lasted for almost 7 hours. We saw endless water and the endless life that remain hidden in this water. I booked it pre hand in order to remove any problem. When we reached Togain, I realized it was worth of all the pain we have undergone. Till the place where we could see were only milky white beaches of sand, blue water that could actually confuse you with the color of sky, traditional palm trees and the most important no rush of tourist.

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We could see some reefs from the island that provided amazing view. We decided to spend a fortnight here. Then something unexpected happened. A French movie was being shooted on the island for which we were offered to do a small role. Though this was a memorable moment, but cannot be termed as the most memorable one. We enjoyed a lot and also had the opportunity to flirt with the female caste. The beginning of the memorable moment started when our stay in the island ended. As the saying goes, “every ending has a beginning.” Though I tried to turn the trip into a hassle free one but the problem was there were no regular ferries available. After a long wait a fisherman arrived. His boat cannot be called as a gigantic one but was worthy and capable of drawing our attention. We all were adventure lover and hence accepted to travel by it without any hick ups. Then the fun knew no turning back. After travelling for 9 hours there was something that actually surprised me as while we only took 7 hours to reach here but even after travelling so long, no sight of land was visible. Alas! We were lost in the sea. We were scared, despaired but still that moment was not worth regretting at all. It took more 3 hours to reach the sight of land. And then once more the excitement and happiness came back.

The scariest moment was yet to be seen- a whale (a true whale) was in front of our middle sized boat. We were taken aback.  But oops! Our good luck it was a humpback.

 Then a little later we reached a small village that named- Tilamuta which we decided to turn as our dock. A row of wooden hut was making this place too beautiful but suddenly a heap of canoes crossed our view. Some sort of fear surrounded us (we were confused whether the arrivals will be a friend or foe) but suddenly our boat captain informed that these canoes were coming to help us as the water near the shore was too shallow. Almost a group of 50 canoes reached near our boat and asked us to take our seat in it. We all took separate canoes and reached to the shore.

People surrounded us from all part when we reached to the shore as they all were Negroes and we were the only or the first different skin humans there. It was a strange moment but after a while we became comfortable. After an hour when we became comfortable there we decided to take a walk here and realized it was one of the most beautiful places that were far away from today’s plastic beauty. We were informed later that no one else has come to this island before us except the original inhabitant.

One thing that I carried with me there was a laptop as I knew it was the smartest way to entertain and to gain information as and when required. While rest of my friends were busy in talking to the chief of that place I switched on some music on my laptop. The entire village was amazed and was carving to know how someone’s voice could be trapped in such a small box. Strange but true when we are reaching to land, still lies a group that are even ignorant with the fact that something called electricity also exist. All of them wanted to see it. My friends were really having the best time as even the imagination of such place seems impossible in today’s time or somewhere till now they (including me) have heard about these things in Gulliver’s Travel or Discovery Channel only.

We desired to stay here and enjoy the sight if humpback in the beautiful land with the most descent people but we also knew there was no place here where we could stay. It seems the head of that place realized our desire and offered us hospitality and before we could refuse we saw his wife doing all preparation. 7 days flew in so fast in the beauty of that place that even we were amazed. We never wanted to leave this place but vacation has to end somewhere. My entire friend circle was thankful for this memorable trip which none of us thought could leave us with so many memories.

This post written for the contest #HappyTravellers run by Yatra.com & Indiblogger.


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