Top 5 Social Media Tips for 2014

Let’s face it! Social Media is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to communicate and advertise with people and groups of people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Flickster and over a hundred or more sites catered to the person who is in the know or who wants to know. Once upon a time persons communicated and promoted with the use of word of mouth or the regular email but fast forward years later to a more advance and effective medium that has proved time and time again an invention of brilliance or a medium of destruction.

Readers at some point may recall the numerous updates and messages of threats, suicide attempts or the use of social media to air out personal dirty laundry, so like most things, there is always the positives and negatives. Social Media have even reached the stage where companies and self employed individuals have created a new niche in the business world by employing Social Media Professionals, businessmen and women whose main role is to inform and relay information in the most creative form possible. For the New Year let us point out the most crucial tips to consider when caught up with social media, these are the 5 Bs of Social Media.

  1. Be Yourself – The whole point of social media is to promote yourself whether to friends, family or even to potential clients and employers. Depending on your job title, it is never wise to relay your personal or private information to the world including your boss, who may know now that you have a secret desire to have him killed.
  2. Be Careful – As it is your personal information including pictures and information exposed to people around the world, it’s always wise to provide some sort of online security for your profiles. Also children and young teens must be monitored as it is also a breeding ground for predators.
  3. Be Smart – As social media is an open door to the world, business proposals and ideas can be introduced creatively to present clients or potential clients worldwide thus increasing your prospective.
  4. Be Have – This may seem irrelevant but if your intention is to create a page or profile so you can hassle a crush or scam people into their money or identity then understand that extensive efforts have been put in place to eradicate online scammers and groupies from various social media pages.
  5. Be Prepared – You may notice that some of the best and most visited pages throughout the web are pages with valuable information, information that is accurate or offers some kind of visual appeal to readers.

It is the 21st century and people and business’ find creative and useful ways to promote themselves and their business. Practicing smart social media skills however separates you from the rest and possibly make ways for other business opportunities. Children and social media pages must be highly monitored as currently with the high rate of kidnappings, online pages and sites give way for predators to lure children and young teens into danger.


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