Top 5 Android Apps for Car Owners

With the increase in technology electronics companies are launching different innovative product in short span of time. Nowadays Android smartphones are quite popular. Android phones have just changed our life. To save our time these smartphones help us a lot. We are just used to these smartphones and don’t want to leave it anyhow. With our busy schedule normally we use the Android app of these smartphones for shopping, map locator, and for many other tasks.

android apps for car

Android powered smartphones has countless applications. Android apps help us in every context. If you are a car owner and want to use android app to make your’ driving easy than there are few apps given below. Have a look:

Car Locator

Nowadays traffic is increasing day by day and it is very difficult to find your car if it is parked somewhere. As the name signifies “Car Locator”, it helps you to locate your car in the mess. If your car is parked in crowded area Android car locator app help you to find your car in a click with the help of GPS and compass. In short, you are saving your car location is your smartphone.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy app is like your friend. If your car is running on gas then this app helps you to locate nearest and cheapest gas station. With the help of Gas Buddy you can also find the details about the gas station and its address with navigation path. When you enter in the city Gas Buddy app will ping you with a cheapest gas station along with the city/zip/postal code of that area.

gasbuddy android app

Fuel Log

To run your car in your budget this app is very useful app as it saves your car gas. Fuel log keep his eye on fuel consumption. This app will tell you that how much fuel your car is consuming or consumed. Apart from fuel consumption it also suggests your car’s cost, mileage and maintenance cost. You just need to enter your car’s price and model in the app.

Speed View Pro

Are you a speed lover? If you are than you must use this app. This is an app which will use your device’s GPS system to show your vehicle’s current and average speed. In this app you will get different amazing features. this app will tell you the direction you are moving towards, total distance travelled and the time to reach the destination. You can rely on this app just like speedometer as it is more accurate than speedometer.


This app tracks your entire important things like fillips, mileage, Maintenance, Services, Expenses and Trips. With the help of this app you can also share your activities on Social networking sites.

These are few android app for a car owner. Check these out.


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