Things you Should not do While Starting a New Job

Do you secured with your new job? You should be. It is true that first impression is the last impressions so don’t be late of impressing your new boss and colleagues. Don’t do any kind of mistake in the beginning of your career.

Starting new job is really stressful. At such point there are many things running in your mind. While starting new job you only think about how to make a good impression with your colleagues and bosses. It can be tough but don’t give up. There are few tips mentioned below, have a look:

Don’t be late
Whenever you learn that how to make good impression on your boss and colleagues start first from your working schedule. There is no place for late comers. Late comers never sit well with people in the office. If you are late on first working day there is always a hesitation inside that what others are thinking? That’s why you should always factor in the extra time you might need in case of a traffic jam, an item accidentally left at home, parking woes, or at least until you are familiar with the route to the office.

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Don’t wear informal clothing
On your workplace you must show up professionalism. Before joining office have a word with HR department that is there any dress code or not? If not then don’t wear informal cloths. Informal cloths can show unprofessionalism which is really not good for your career.

Don’t miss training session
It has been that few companies provide training sessions before joining job. Don’t take these sessions lightly. If you miss such sessions then it may throw bad impact on training managers. So try to make good impression on training managers and don’t do things which can prompt a training manager to report your behaviour back to your boss and team members.

Avoid personal calls
Avoid personal calls at workplace. Your working hours is already taken by your company as they are paying for it. Make a personal policy of limiting personal phone calls and texts to your lunch break, except for during emergencies. If you take too much personal calls and do too many personal things then it can be harmful.

Be honest
Honesty is the biggest thing everywhere. Don’t be dishonest on your new job. If you don’t know anything then don’t be afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.’

Don’t ask for more money
If you agreed with the offered salary while recruitment process than don’t change your mind set further. Don’t expect more money until you’ve worked long enough to prove your value to the employer.

These above are few points which you should keep in your mind before starting a new job. Hope these things work well for you.

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