Super Hit BollyWood Movie Of 2009 “3 Idiots”

it’s harshit here, i have watched 3 idiots yesterday, this was mind-blowing, amazing and superb movie. Aamir khan did a fantastic job in every way, this will be biggest hit of the year 2009. This is the movie you must watch. i went to watch this movie with my two colleagues all of us enjoyed too much and this movie taught us some rules of life, i wish when you watch this fabulous movie you will also learn by this movie. i was reading the novel “Five Point Someone” written by great writer “Chetan Bhagat” and thinking that the whole movie is based on that novel but i was wrong its too difffer from it, Aamir khan twisted movie in a generous way actually i did not finish the novel still but now i became so curious to end up to know whats the climax of the novel and how much it differs from movie. i also have a group of three friend one is shekhar 2nd one is abhishek and the third one me harshit, we all were enjoying together, last year we enjoyed too much bcoz at this time we were living together in delhi and doing our hectic jobs but still we were enjoying our life with together but now everything is messed up shekhar went back to varanasi to look after his familty and doing some business there and abhishek also went to kanpur to live with his family and doing double hectic job to shine his career any how, but me still here in delhi for missing them and after watching this movie i missed them but i know this is life no one can stop their life for anyone so do i. At last, i force you to watch this fantastic movie, this will rock you. i m not a writer i just write this paragraph to get u know that Aamir did fabulous and my favorite movie before watching this movie is “Dil Chahta Hai” which also based on three friends story, in this movie Aamir also did a great job and now with “3 idiots” he did it again and now loved this movie also…

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Harshit Mehrota (1 of D 3 idiots) 


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