Skullcandy Football Club Series Headset Review #SkullcandyFC

Football is something that lies in the heart of everyone and has gain mass popularity too quickly. I am a huge football fanatic and Barcelona Football Club has reshaped my passion for football. The launch of SkullcandyFC series headsets that is associated with many football clubs like AC Milan (Italy), Chelsea (London) etc. For all football fanatics including me Skullcandy FC Headset is designed for.

skullcandyfc headset

I am glad I got the chance to experience it!

Unbelievably! These red and yellow striped headsets will cost 5699 INR over online sites or all running stores that deal in headsets all around India. This impressive red and yellow striped headset is linked with Barcelona; Spanish giants. One could easily see the right combination of clubs logos and colors in this headset.

A really impressive piece for my ear!

A real attractive and impressive headphone that could easily arrest the attention of all those who like to move around with their headsets on. It will also cater the satisfaction of football fanatics due to its appearance and at the same time also satisfy everyone with it’s high quality and authenticity. You could really feel the brilliant job done by Skullcandy after witnessing the looks of this headset. In case if you are someone to whom Football doesn’t impress then also you can proudly have it as a great design holder piece. The plastic used in it is a glossy kind with a smooth coating of rubber over headband to make it adjustable alike all headsets.

Superb sound quality

You could actually experience a mind blowing sound quality with this headphone something like Superior sound. Isn’t it amazing? The vocal Clarity along with prospective range will surely ensure that they have gifted their best piece of headset to all headset lovers. You will be able to concentrate over the music completely as the outside sound gets completely arrested once you wear them and could experience the crisp sound of your favorite tune.

If you are confused with the weight of this headset then let me inform you it may look sturdy but are too comfortable in reality. You could actually handle them easily. The circular pad makes your experience more comfortable and could cover your ear completely during cold. Summers may be a tough time but they can never be an uncomfortable selection in any way. It fits all head by its adjustable headband and with the interchangeable cable you can have unlimited fun. The wire is not attached to both sides; hence the possibility of losing time in untangling wires is also negligible. You also get a mic with it.

Some attractive technical features

The pressure level of sound of this headset is 105 dB. Its impedance is around 35 ohms. It is so light in weight that you may lack to recall whether you are carrying them in your neck or over your ear or not. Yes, you are carrying only 180g with you!

Final verdict

In such a noisy and populated world if you really want to enjoy music to its fullest then do not forget to buy a pair of SkullcandyFC headset. You could really experience the DJ music with a RJ or DJ look after wearing it! For all football lovers enjoy FIFA with this particular headset on!


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