Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series Launched in India

A global leader in Smartphones and Tablets, Samsung launched its Galaxy Tab 3 series in India today at New Delhi. I must say that Samsung owns crown of the Gadget world these days and nobody denies that fact. Especially with the introduction of phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has intensified this domination. These days, Samsung hardly lefts its customers unsatisfied. New products with newer upgrades and better features are always being introduced by Samsung day by day. That said, the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series has been introduced into the market. In India, the launching was done on Thursday July 18.

samsung galaxy tab 3 series

The series includes three Tabs and they are: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (211) with a 7 inch screen(3G only), Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (311) with 8 inch screen ( 3G) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (310) with 8 inch screen (no 3G, only Wi –fi ).

So lets find out some great features which will bound gadget freaks to buy the Galaxy Tab 3.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″ Features

  • 1 GB RAM
  • Marvel PXA 986 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as Operating system
  • 3 MP Camera Rear Camera (1.9 MP front Camera)
  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Internal Storage 8 GB
  • External can be added (up to 32 GB)
  • 1024 x 600 TFT display
  • 3G support for Voice and data
  • Runs with Samsungs TouchWiz Overlay

There are various inbuilt applications and hubs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 inch Price

The price of the seven inch screen Tab is Rs 17745.

The good about this Tab: The tab is very light weight, has got very bold design and slick layout. There are all the things you need in a tab. You can expand the memory if you are not comfortable with just 8 GB. The processor is faster, the touch screen is smoother and the battery life is high.

galaxy tab 3 series

If you like Tabs and want to use them for normal tasks, then this set is perfect for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8″ ( 310 and 311) Features

  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • Marvel PXA 986 1.5 GHz dual Core processor
  • Android 4.2 as Operating System
  • 5 MP rear Camera  ( 1.3 MP front Camera)
  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Internal Storage 16GB ( extended by adding up to 64 GB)
  • 1280 x 800 resolution display
  • 3G support for Voice and data by 311 Model.
  • Runs with Samsung TouchWiz Overlay

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch Price
The price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Eight inch with 3G is Rs 21945 and without 3G (only Wi-fi ) is Rs 21945.

The good about 8 inch Tabs: It is the bigger version of the seven inch Tab. The processor is faster, the screen is bigger, the performance is better and the storage is higher. You will never run out of space. The set is perfect for playing games and multitasking. The battery life is great and the resolution is much better. If you are into Tabs and want to have a whole new experience, then this set is ideal for you (under this budget).

Other features of Galaxy Tab 3 Series

All three sets come with pr-eloaded applications and hubs. These are some of the basic apps and games to get started with. Also, if you buy any of the sets, you get 2GB/month data free for 2 months from Vodafone ( only provided on postpaid platform)

There are several other services such as ‘My education’ ‘My Music’ ‘My offers’  pre-availed on the set. ‘My offers’ avails you bets offers from 250+ brands throughout the country and ‘My education’ lets you access 2000+ e-books and 1000+ learning e-videos.


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