5 Reasons Why Blog Fails!

Still thinking what went wrong? Why don’t you have readers whereas some others bloggers have hundreds of them? You are in the right place because here are the five mistakes you did or if are a new blogger, these are the mistakes, kid, you never want to commit.

MISTAKE #1: Too much of you!

Don’t you find self obsessed people annoying? Same for your readers… Your experience might be very exciting and fun, but people really don’t give hoot to your personal things as long as it does not solve their problem. Write blogs that speak to your readers. Not about you.

MISTAKE #2: You are overselling!

Have you ever been to blog where all you can find is big colorful commercials and the only effect that blog has on you is ‘lucid’. Are you sure you are not creating the same expressions for your readers? Subtlety is very important when you are commercializing your page.


blog fails


MISTAKE #3: You are not being useful!

One of the most important reasons for your low traffic is maybe your contents are not good or authentic enough. Are you being useful enough for your readers? Are you working harder to make your contents better? Are you engaging experts to make your blog more efficient? If not, start working right away.




MISTAKE #4:  You are not making it easy to share!

People love to talk about themselves, that’s the key to your success as a blogger. It should be your key target to keep your audience ready to talk about you. Keeping social share options in your page is great way to do that. Keeping buttons of Twitter, Facebook will allow your readers to share your blog with their near and dear ones right away. So, do you have them? No!!! Go and get them. It’s a mistake you are going to regret later. Are you engaging people? Remember one thing, you are a blogger and your job is to make your reader happy. Do you have any comment section or contact section in your blog so that the readers can voice their opinion there? The negative answer is not good for your blogging career.

MISTAKE #5: You are losing the honey!

One of the most important mistakes young bloggers make is in their attitude. They start writing for earning money and once they are hitting a rough time they lack enthusiasm and the greed to earn money overcomes them. They lose focus, they lose the purpose of their writing, and then it merely becomes something that the readers avoid. You are not giving the reader bees enough honey to stick around. Do something, upload pictures or trailers of your next blog, make it colorful and interesting.

The biggest and most common mistake is that most young bloggers, when they start are full of energy and gradually when they hit the tough time, they lack the power to go on. Always remember why you started writing a blog in the first place. Don’t lose the vision of your goal.


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