Prince Charming Or Gum Problems?

Do you know that every second Indian is suffering from Teeth gum problems and the main thing is that 90% of them don’t care about it? Here I am going to tell you a story about a sweet girl, who was also not caring for her gum problems but how one bad dream changed her mind. Though a fictional story but with the glimpse of reality, here it goes! Always heard pairs are made in heaven, trust me bells were ringing, prince charming was on the door but oops, teeth destroyed all! How is that possible! I am amazed it is!

It started a year ago. We met over social networking site. I still remember the first sight of Anshu. He was so cute. Being a Radio jock, voice was the first thing that used to attract me. Somehow the situations were never favorable. We never spoke over phone or did voice calling but somehow the affection was reaching too high.The regular photo updates and the comments was enough to impress me. Though a question always crossed my mind that why none of the pictures were with smiles. I always poked him for same but he avoided the discussion always.

prince charming

His way of talking, style all impressed me to a great extent and I started travelling in the dream land where he was my prince charming, riding the white horse. Slowly we decided we will talk when we will meet. Days were passing like dreams. Cupid had no other work left except blessing us. Good morning texts, good night texts and writing three golden words for hundreds of times. He was from US and due to it was unable to meet for long. Finally the grand day was scheduled.

30th of September, 2012 was scheduled as the lover’s day. We decided to make this first meet as the memorable and homely. Alike all Indian girl I wanted him to meet my father directly, as I was completely prepared to tie knots with him. Dad was a bit angry in the beginning but the thought of a NRI son-in-law was capable to coax him. Sweets were made, house was decorated, curtains changed, new t-set was purchased and last but not the least all close relatives were invited.

I was trying to think what will suit me! I wanted to look best, was recalling everything that he likes, his favorite color, attire, look and everything. I was too nervous. My mother commented I never looked so pretty before. I was blushing and trust me the color blood red would have lost its glory in front of my cheek’s color. It was like a fairy’s tale.

A white BMW came to our doorstep and Anshu got down from it. He was looking damn handsome in white suit, just like my prince charming. We exchanged glances and slowly that glances got converted into stares than eye fixation. He was leaving as my plaque coated teeth scared him. I was into tears. I asked him not to go but he still left. I was crying. My aunt shook me. Oops! I was dreaming. There was still a day left for his arrival. Like most of the Indians I was also suffering from teeth problem but till then had paid no heed to it. My teeth cried in bloody tears but I just relieved it with some pain killers. Visiting a dentist was the last thought in my mind as I was totally unaware with what was happening to my teeth. I visited a doctor immediately and he cleaned the plaque and advised me the various methods to take care of it and suggested me to use Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health.

Next day, I felt as if my dream is being repeated as he got down from white BMW stopped at my doorstep and he got down, dressed in same white suit with same handsome looks. We gazed but oops! It turned to stares, but romantic one. He said he loved me more by seeing my smile.

So dear readers, be careful for your #WarningSigns and use Colgate Total Pro-Gum Health, this is my healthy speak blog.


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