Now Get Traffic Update On Google Maps

Google has launched an advancement to an active feature in its Google Maps, which should make it considerably more useful. While giving directions in between two points. Google Maps also shows that user with an appraisal of travelling time needed. This details was based on historic traffic data, which will now be much better using live information.

Now, the search gigantic has increased one more feature to Google Maps – Realtime traffic data. This improvement will not only tell you the quickest route to your location but also offer approximated travel time based on current traffic circumstances.

google map traffic updates

A Google representative told Mashable, “The previous traffic feature that was removed from Google Maps last summer provided users with the worst-case traffic scenario based on historic traffic data – e.g. ‘up to 50 minutes in traffic. The feature that we’re introducing on Google Maps today works differently and serves a different purpose. The new time-in-traffic feature provides users with the ability to check current traffic conditions and estimates the length of travel time based on constantly refreshed data.”

Even Nokia has lately included an equivalent support to its smartphones. The new Traffic attribute will give real-time traffic details to users on Symbian smartphones on Nokia Drive, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 on Nokia Maps. 


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