Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Reviews And Full Specifications

Nokia General Manager from France announced that Nokia is planning to launch a Windows 8 Tablet in the market soon. Still Nokia is one of the biggest phone selling company but the maximum of them are mid range phones, not from smartphones or tablets.


Recently Nokia launched Windows 7 based smartphones Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 in the market, but only in some countries, will hit the globally soon in 2012, and also Nokia is trying hard to launch Nokia Windows 8 Tablet in the market in June, 2012. So in the first and second quarter of 2012 would bring excitement from Nokia side.

nokia windows tablet

As news came This Nokia Tablet will worked on Windows OS next version which will release in the last of the year 2011. So here is no accurate timing for Nokia Tablet based on Windows 8 operating system.


Nokia is getting more hand from Microsoft as windows 7 OS based Nokia smartphones getting popularity in the market, so they decided to bring some more excitement in the market with Windows 8 based Nokia Tablet.


We will update you soon about the features of Nokia windows tablet…….Stay connect 


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