Natural Growth With Traditional Knowledge!

Kids are like sponges. Their agile minds soak up all of the information they come across.  Unfortunately, kids also soak up all of the toxins and harmful elements they’re fed with! Child care is a sensitive issue. Like any parent you want the best for your children. And choosing the best for children is the biggest challenge especially in the present era where everything; even the fruits are chemically treated.

And while you make reach them about hygiene, coax them into washing hands frequently and try to provide them with requisite nutrients to make them strong and healthy, you may be ignorant that the foods you rely upon carry traces of hormones and pesticides. These elements can seriously damage your little one’s growing bodies and minds.

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Child development experts believe that development of an infant depends on the products used to rear and nourish the baby right since birth. With a huge number of brands claiming the best and safest products for children, it is difficult to make a judgement. There are many things to take into consideration in this respect.

Recently, Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration suspended the licence for manufacturing cosmetics of a leading company. According to reports, residues of carcinogenic substances were found in baby talcum powder produced by the company. Some years ago, baby food and chocolate powder used in milk were found unfit for use due to high urea and caustic soda used to raise the level of fat in milk!

Man made menace in the form of synthetically produced and adulterated items has taken its toll over human health. And it is high time we take an initiative to introduce natural products into our daily lives. In fact, it is time to use the power of traditional knowledge to ensure natural, better growth of children.

Ancient India has always given importance to Ayurveda and its immense healing power. One of its most important branches is Paediatric Ayurveda (Komar Bhritya). It deals with child rearing, childhood illness and their treatment.

Komar Bhritya involves care child rearing and treatment for illnesses and diseases right from the time of conception up-to the age of maturity (16 years). It also involves adept maintenance and protection of a child’s health. Komar Bhritya is a scientific system of dealing with various symptoms of diseases in childhood, their diagnosis and treatment.

Pediatric Ayurveda organizes the groundwork for good life. It emphasizes on physical, mental and psychological wellbeing and growth of a child. Child rearing, treatment, and childcare carried out as per the rules of Pediatric Ayurveda will ensure a happy and healthy adulthood.

In case, you haven’t considered switching your children to natural produce, it is high time to start making some research. Ayurveda is known to be the world’s oldest system of medicine and healing. The system dates back to 5000 years. Surprisingly, the principles continue to enjoy legitimacy and create holistic and natural healing. It is perfectly applicable in the modern technologically advanced world.

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