Is Cloud Computing Hurting IT Sector?

Cloud Computing is the latest technology provided to all internet users which is used to maintain data and applications over internet. The name cloud computing is inspired by the cloud symbol that is often used to represent the Internet in flowcharts and diagrams. This technology allows internet users to store data on internet server efficiently and access them from any computer via internet.

But one question always arises in mind that does Cloud Computing hurting jobs or not? With the launch of Cloud Computing you don’t need the army of engineers? Is Cloud Computing shrinking jobs?

Researchers said that there are some areas such as application development and data centres which are affecting by Cloud Computing or you can say that it is shrinking the IT budget. The biggest IT company Gartner said “Software as a service (SaaS) adoption, particularly in large enterprise application suites, will continue to reduce the total potential market available for application outsourcing. At the same time, SaaS adoption in the near term offers consulting and implementation services opportunities for IT services providers, as well as on going integration and configuration.”

cloud computing effect

Cloud Computing service is offered in two forms i.e. Public Cloud Computing and Private Cloud Computing, Research director of Gartner, Bryan Britz said, “Public cloud services are also growing within the traditional target market for market-share-leading IT services providers. It is within this group of large clients, with large IT budgets, that the cannibalization of traditional IT services by public cloud services is most significantly felt.”

He added, “Public cloud services are being adopted in markets that were previously not the target market for most IT services providers. Adoption in these emerging markets and small and midsize business/smaller enterprise clients also creates consideration for increased use of established IT services to assist with the non-public cloud workloads. Opportunity exists for providers able to address, directly or through an ecosystem of partnerships, the broad spectrum of hybrid delivery environments that will permeate most organizations in the coming years, Threats abound for providers that are too narrowly focused on legacy systems and legacy approaches.”

According to a survey it is found that 19 percent of organizations are using cloud computing for most of production computing and 20 percent of organizations are using storage as a service for all, or most, storage requirements.

About IT job shrinkage Ratnesh Rathi, secretary at Computer & Media Dealers Association said, “Given the nature of the cloud business, we see that it could be a threat. But the adoption rate is very slow and, therefore, we have a few years before we see signs of trouble,” and KR Chaube, director at Trade Association of Information Technology uttered about cloud computing adoption that, “Channel partners are facing the ripple effect of the changing times. As clients move to an operational expenditure model, vendors are asking suppliers to learn and change. There is a lack of clarity about the cloud among channel partners.”

In Japan and Australia channel partners has already start using Cloud Computing but Indian partners are still waiting. Stuart Long, chief technology officer and senior sales consulting director for the Systems Division in Oracle’s Asia Pacific and Japan region said, “They are still getting business within their specialisation as a hardware-only partner or a network-only partner and this is making them unwilling to change.”

According to researches only about 35% of channel partners are offering cloud computing based service. So the quotient is that Cloud Computing is not exactly hitting IT sector.

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