Why You Should Use Facebook Home App And How To Install It?

Surprise! Surprise! 12th April, 2013, in California, Facebook has taken a revolutionary step towards controlling of your smart phone. As i mentioned some interesting features of Facebook Home in my previous post, so here i am going to tell you that why you should use Facebook Home App and how can you install it on your smartphone. With the launch of this Facebook Home App for Smartphones, i must say that Facebook is the first ever website which gives their users daily a new thing to stay connected.

Facebook home” regenerate your Facebook experience. If you overhear the debate or discussions of youngsters, you will conclude that 80% of their communication starts and ends with Facebook.  What has been updated or uploaded by other is the topic discussed by the discussion panel here. In such a scenario introduction of Facebook home is like a dream come true for all who are grabbed by the addiction of Facebook.

facebook home

Now the question arises why you should use facebook home?

No one is ignored with the hoot of social networking sites and facebook home provides all android users an opportunity to shriek the Facebook into their slim, small screen. After downloading it you could not only chat while utilizing other apparatus. It polishes your Facebook experience by providing all updates by your facebook pals in your small screen. You also get the facility to customize the Facebook experience by designing your chat sound. Some believes that it had increased the android cells popularity more.


It also save your money by saving money that could have invested in your message pack. You can chat with number of people at a time. You get the cover feed that permits you to scroll the entire info slide-show of your Facebook pals updates and uploads. It works even when your cell phone is not unlocked as the android operating system integrates Home apps. This is not enough, if you are wondering that the news about missed calls or emails or any messages will not be reflected due to it than you are misguided. You will not miss any single thing due to cover feed. So now you free to comment on the picture you want without going to the Facebook page. Your chatting experience becomes better and better by it.

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How you can set it in your android phone?

You are just required to download Facebook Home App from Google Play Store on your smart phone to enjoy this never ending ocean of fun. Yes, alike other apparatus you do not require to follow the tedious steps and only downloading will be enough to enrich your Facebook experience.

Cutest confusion

When Facebook home becomes your home screen some people may panic to lose the disappearance of their chosen home screen. So just relax, it has just hidden underneath your new home screen. So if you are among those who do not pay much heed to your screen then you will not lose the single minute of your this new innovated facebook experience or else, surely you are going to panic for a while.


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There are even new phones that will be launched shortly with facebook homepage loaded beforehand. Few companies have already modeled the new designs and few plans are under process.

This is not enough; Facebook is still planning many other surprises for you. So be a part of this new technology today!


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