How to find the right Affiliate network

The world of affiliate marketing offers no shortage of networks. In fact, there are so many, it may be tough for a publisher to decide which one is the best fit for his content. In order to generate respectable revenue, he needs to know how to find a good affiliate network.

The first place many publishers go to find affiliate products they can promote is affiliate directories. These affiliate listings give them an overwhelming list of networks who have offers for affiliates. Many networks make the same kinds of offers to affiliates, so the best bet for a publisher to make his decision carefully. An affiliate network that is a poor quality network reflects as much about the publisher who chooses it as it does about the network itself. Here are some distinguishing qualities to look for in a good network.

Good Organization
Because affiliate networks are responsible for processing customer payments and properly tracking the payments that affiliates earn, it is important for them to be well-oiled machines. They are handling payouts and should be running reliable processing systems that are completely secure. Merchants and customers need to know their personal information will not be compromised.

Additionally, it should be easy to find products. They should be organized by type and not randomly placed on the network site. If an affiliate has to work too hard to find good offers, he will turn to other networks that do not make the search so difficult. Good organization also offers affiliate tracking to monitor performance and excellent customer support, and affiliate tips and training.

Quality Offers
The best networks have manually listed programs that they have individually assessed for quality products. Allowing merchants to offer poor quality products just because they offer a higher commission is a dangerous strategy. Good products should always take priority. The best networks list programs that are best sellers, with low or no refund rates, and that have high popularity among affiliates. This is a checklist formula that seems to get good results.

Highest Payout Guarantee

One of the pitfalls that affiliates fall into is joining several different networks just to earn the highest payout. Merchants place products on different sites at different payout price points. An affiliate should be able to stick with one network and be guaranteed top dollar for the products he promotes. The best affiliate networks can make this kind of guarantee. 


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