[PPC Tips] How to create Bing product listing ads

Product ads allow the entrepreneurs to showcase their products in an appealing format by including images, promotional text, pricing and the company name. They efficiently save time and pull up the SERP ranking. Bing is one of the search platforms, which enables such advertising.

Steps to Create Bing Product Listing Ads

There are 10 easy steps, which can help you to set up the Bing product listing ad feeds for your business:

•Sign up- Bing is a sub account of Microsoft Bing Ads. You will have to pay via credit card for the pay-per-click ad campaigns.

• Log in safely.

• You will have to go to Tools, to locate the Bing Merchant Centre.

• Create a space, by listing your Store name, Destination URL, and a description. Ensure that you opted for Rich Captions and/or Product Listing Ads. And save the selected settings.

•Create a new catalouge on the Catalouge Management tab. Enter the business name as the catalouge name. Set the catalouge format as Bing. Then upload the file using a FTP account. Then make sure that the changes settings are saved.

•On the FTP settings tab, you must have an individualistic login and password and keep a note of it. Also remember that the FTP login will only work if it is approved by Bing.

•Then log into your site and click My Account and go to Add Feed and then create the feed.

• Go on to Modify Settings and then configure the Source Parameters.

•Enter the FTP Username and Password from the FTP settings to tab in to your Bing Merchant Account and set the submission frequency as Daily. Then Click on Update to save the changes settings.

•Finally do run a submission task to perform the first upload.

bing product listing ads

All the initial feed will be passed through an editorial review and this process is a time consumimg one. This could take around three to four weeks on an average basis. However, if you want to speed up the process, then you need to ensure that you have given up the accurate MPN/ UPC data. Once the campaign is cleared by the review board, you will be notified via an email. But you should notify the Bing ads, if you do not receive the confirmation mail after three weeks, that would mean that your campaign is faulty and you would need to rectify it immediately and re-submit it after rectifying it.

After receiving the approval, it would take about three days to launch the campaign and publish through Product ads, and then another in another 48 hours, the campaign would be published.

After the campaign is published succesfully, you should customise the Bing categories. Make sure that you verify the feed submissions and conduct additional verification. Obtain the performance feedback on the Clicks and Impressions of the campaign. In addition, it is important to view your items in the Bing Shopping Search Results. You can easily contact Bing Shopping if you face any kind of problem.


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