Google brings Chromebook with Samsung and Acer

google chromebook Now forget notebook, Ebook and laptops this time is for Chromebook, Google brings his new invention in the market with Samsung called Chromebook. Google with Samsung and Acer revealed the world’s first Chromebook in the market. Basically laptops and computers run on chrome operating system called Chromebook. This device will be available from June 15, 2011 on and BestBuy and other stores and countries where it will launched first are Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy so Europe will be first step of Chromebook. Google had launched their operating system last year called chromium. So Chromebook is a device that works on internet based operating system.


As we all are using chrome browser and we know that there is no other browser as fastest as chrome, hopefully this Chromebook will give us fastest service as chrome. There will be full support for the latest web technologies along with flash based content. Google says that you can run millions of web applications on this Chromebook like games, browsing and many more.

samsung google chromebook Google Chromebook will be your cloud computing system it means all your data stores in Chromebook will be always yours and never be lost, if you lost your Chromebook laptop then you don’t have to worry about your data, it’s all safe on chrome OS you can get it whenever you want on other chrome OS based system.


This is ringing bell for MSN and Apple because this will be end of their operating system and the new era is cloud computing based Google Chromebook. 


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