Comparison Between FlipKart and Myntra

Today people have everything but no time. World is shrieking in small boundaries where people want everything with the tap of their fingers. Online shopping mode is changing day by day attracting a huge traffic every minute. People are no more interested in visiting nearby markets and spending endless time in selecting and bargaining. Online world is providing them all they want without any complication. This had leaded the emergence of many online companies and had lead to the confusion of selection. Now the question arises how to choose the best site in India that is not only reliable but offers good bargain too.



There are many online shopping store available but two online shopping sites that are growing popular more day by day Flipkart and Myntra, so here we are going to compare Flipkart and Myntra.

The thought of online shopping calls for It started with online stores for book but now had shifted to almost all types of products. You can get almost everything here ranging from washing machines, iron cell phones, books etc. Even the music can be bought online via flyte. It serves you for all your marketing needs.


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Advantages of

This website is too easy to proceed and provides reliable services. The products offered by this site is cheaper and reliable, i.e., the original one. If you want some more toppings for your cake than this site also offer cash-on-delivery. The delivery is fast and it is a very friendly website too. Sometimes some products stay out of stock but this is for short spam only. It is definitely a reliable and friendly website.

The publicity done by Indian cable TV has made the name of too popular. Unlike deals only with fashion accessories, footwear, belts, clothes etc. the ads shown in the ads make the stuff in the site too popular but selling fashion accessories and clothes without trial online sounds tough. But the process by which myntra handles it had ranked it among the best 3 sites for shopping.


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Myntra succeeds to serve where flipkart lacks. Clothing and fashion is the main essence of Myntra whereas flipkart is excellent for electrical appliances. Flipkart also deals with fashion and cloth but not in the diverse manner that myntra do. Delivery of Myntra is impeccable.


Advantage of

The best part about is you can return the goods within a time span of 30 days if by any means you happen to dislike them. Though there are certain goods that cannot be changed. The style blogin by myantra is another best thing of it. You get ample of discount here.


Which one to choose?

Both of them are impair able. If you want something related to fashion than is the best option and for electronic appliances no one can beat Delivery services of both the companies are good and fast. One offer you cash on delivery whereas other one has return policy. Though they are competitors but in real sense they are complimentary to each other and together they provide a rich experience of online shopping to all. 


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