Facebook Starts Trending Topics Just Like Twitter #Trends

Facebook has undergone great change since its emergence and you get to know more about it every moment whenever the magic wand of Mark Zuckerberg moves! Hashtags are the newest innovation in Facebook and hence focused in real time content repeatedly. Just few hours ago the magic was and has come up with a new magic that is inspired by Twitter. Trending topics is the new talk of social networking sites. Tech Crunch was informed about the emergence of trending topics through email. All Things D First informed this news universally today.

facebook trends

How is this Facebook Trend going to work?

Facebook has launched a minute version of trending topics in some parts of U.S. This is available for those U.S users who are utilizing m.facebook.com. This feature has just step into the new life and yet to see the moon of development. Facebook has clearly announced that it is brief version of the real feature they want to come up with.

If you are really eager to know about the whereabouts of this feature, than you can pop up at the discussing panels that is going on about it now. By tapping here you could learn all about it even from those who are not linked with you but possess public sharing option.

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Connection of trending topics with Twitter

Summer 2008 was the golden period in Twitter when Trending Twitter was introduced and promoted. Later it was used as a source of revenue generation by Twitter in 2010. Beginning of 2013 came with the news that Twitter was charging almost $200,000 for one day for trends promotion and hence proving an attractive income source from sponsors for Twitter. Facebook on the other hand is concentrating more over public sharing option and hence trying to prove as an easy and convenient information source and when the trends are added to it than it would permit it to forge the pathway of earning more income via mobile users as well as web users.

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Growing news of Facebook trending topics

News feed is packed with the headlines about the trending topics that have been leaked via promoted posts published in mobile. It has also gained popularity through the ads and discussion laid down by various network and friends. This is one of the reason why they have done experiment of launching this feature in such a small area as Facebook perfectly knows the parameter of maintaining symmetry between family content and friends content, entertainment distribution with real time news.

Now Facebook is going to look alike Twitter for some users via Trending Topics. More time to time updates with Tickers that will display the news as it will occur. These two characteristics were the similar function that Twitter possesses. Hashtag option, embedded support and verified accounts are other reminiscent features. Facebook wants famous people to use it just the way they utilize Twitter. According to All Things D Report Facebook is even providing incentive to celebrities so that their fans could also be associated here. Graph search has also come up for some U.S users. Hope to see more of Facebook features in upcoming days.


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