Facebook Launched “Facebook Card” A Physical Gift Card

Nowadays gifts capture an important place in our life. On every occasion we need to buy something good to gift our family and friends. Facebook is a biggest social networking website which is adorable by people especially teenager. It is like a big brand among teens. Apart from social networking now Facebook has something good to share. In this electronic and internet world Facebook is trying to replace traditional gift cards from its new launch of physical gift card.

Facebook has just launched physical gift offer on Thursday morning. This physical gift card is now available in multiple stores (Target, Jamba Juice, Sephora and The Olive Garden). Now you can send this gift card to your friends via Facebook’s Gifts product, and the balances are available online for users to keep track of. This gift card is also meant for vendors like Starbucks and iTunes. This newly launched gift card is quite popular among United States users.

facebook card offer

Facebook gift card is a new type of gift card for Facebook users. The Facebook physical gift card has unique features like when you buy a card on the social network for a friend they get a message informing them of the gift right away (great for scrambling at the last minute). The cash amount is loaded on to a plastic card that is delivered in the mail, likely in some sort of paper envelope. You can see this card on your smartphones but right now it is not compatible with existing mobile payment technology like NFC, QR codes or barcodes.

Facebook gift card also have good security and reliability. The recipient has to share their mailing address with Facebook before receiving this gift card. Over Facebook you can find billions of users connected. Obviously people don’t want to waste their time as it is so crucial nowadays. This gift card also works for those who don’t who don’t have sense of choosing gift for particular.

A Facebook spokesperson said “The Company had nothing to share about how it will make money off the Card service. There are no fees for the gift giver or gift receiver, so Facebook is likely earning a percentage from the participating companies.”

If we talk about Facebook gift card pricing then Facebook themselves said, “You might have gift balances of $100 at Sephora, $75 at Target, $50 at Olive Garden, and $8.25 at Jamba Juice.” Check this new Facebook physical gift card.

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