How to use Facebook to find a job?

Facebook is often termed as a wall that has arrest all for long hours and deprives them from their normal daily routine and their work. It is often termed as a time killing place but have you ever wondered it could earn job for you. Sounds funny, but true! According to a survey more than 34 million people are known to pocket job through facebook as if now. LinkedIn was the popular job hunting site but Facebook is also a job provider in disguised manner.


job at facebook


Why Facebook is the easiest way to look for a job?

Today facebook is the most popular social networking site in the green planet and people from all age group are known to be linked with it. In such a scenario posting that you required a job at this platform will give you much attention and probably this is the perfect step towards fulfillment of your aim. Many a times it happens that someone or the other ask you if you know any person who is interested in doing a certain job and due to the fact that you have no clue that is looking for it, the needy might miss the opportunity. Once it’s posted, you can avail this opportunity. All types of jobs are announced these days over the walls of facebook.


Is Facebook only a landmark to make friends?

The answer for this question is a big “No.” there are many forums in it that could provide you job here. Few of them are as follows:

1) Open and restrictive groups-

Alike the grand site LinkedIn, it also has many groups for the people with same requirement. A group always supply better and more information than any individual.

2) Recruiters also find it easy-

Recruiters also find it as easy to do task as they don’t have to take the pain of posting it into numerous newspapers or various other media and at the same time it is free also.

3) Companies also maintain their pages in Facebook-

companies have their own facebook pages where they update about the placements and with a single like you can keep yourself updated with any of their info.

4) Facebook has launched many application-

Applications such as Branchout Beknown or Marketplace in facebook are few application that are specially designed for all information related to employment.

What steps to be taken while applying for the jobs through facebook?

Ensure that your profile is updated. It should be a tailored profile. Remember to check the things in which you are tagged. Any wrong tagging may have adverse effect on the viewer of your profile. A clean profile will grab the attraction of recruiter with ease.


Hence you can say that those days are over when you were taunted or get scolded for staying over facebook for long. Facebook is growing day by day and so as the opportunity. Never misses the opportunities while having fun. Now you can have fun while you learn!