How to Build Immune India! Stronger India!

An immune India is dream of many. Our kids form the future of the nation. Hence, their immunity and strength are major contributors towards developing a stronger future for the nation.

Children require a healthy, safe environment to grow immune and stronger. With a healthy environment surrounding them all through their growth years will ensure stronger and disease free bodies. Now, the question is how precisely to do it. What is the best way to create a super healthy environment for children to grow?

Here are some dynamic factors that can really help towards developing a stronger nation:

Clean Safe Water

One of the major problems in India is availability of clean drinking water. Hence, the main focus should be on production and consumption of clean drinking water. All children across the nation should be provided with clean and pure drinking water. Many of the dangerous diseases are water borne. Accessibility to clean drinking water will eliminate all of these diseases; strengthening immune system of children beyond par.


Nutritious Food

Lack of nutrition in children is killing their immune system. Right from birth, an infant should be fed with highly nutritious food. For the first six months the baby should be give only mother’s milk. Post six months of age, milk should be complimented with other items rich in vitamins and minerals. Raw fruits and vegetables should form an integral part of a child’s diet. Children should not be given junk and spam food as alternatives to important meals of the day.


Thankfully, the polio drive efforts and awareness across the nation helped children stay away from this disease. Dedicated efforts of the government of India have helped eradicate polio from India to a commendable percentage. Similar efforts should be made to ensure that children are given all kinds of vaccinations on time. Special lessons should be given to parents about correct time and dosage of vaccination. Skipping vaccination will make children prone to deadly diseases and weaken their immune system.


Special efforts should be made by government to implement special policies to provide free medications to children up to a certain minimum age. This will help children belonging to poor section of the society to lead a better, immune and disease free life.

Natural Products Over Synthetic Ones

Children should be encouraged to consume and use natural substances. The chemical and synthetic substances should be avoided to a greater extent. Right from nutrition to medication, one must to buy natural and adopt nature’s way to derive maximum benefits.

Incorporating the above listed tips into one’s life will help children of India grow healthier and with strengthened immune system. This in turn, will make India healthier and more immune a nation. Only a little efforts from each one of us will make the country stronger and healthier.

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