Benefits Of Facebook Exchange ReTargeting Ads

What in the earth is Facebook exchange (FBX) ReTargeting Ads?

Whenever customer visit your website, scrutinize the products and services but return back without purchasing ( may it be because of the expensiveness of item or the customer’s haste, or any other reason), this Facebook campaign retargets that particular customer by placing the ads of the product ( or service) on his news feed. This way, the customer can recall that he had some unfinished business left, (if he had any).




As an advertiser, how can I take advantage of this campaign?

It’s simple to advertise on FBX , you just have to give your ads to any of the ad agencies working under this campaign. Some of these agencies are:

  • Adroll
  •  Triggit
  •  AdsUpNow

Obviously, they charge something for displaying your ads, but it’s always worth it.

Why could this campaign turn out great for you? Read the following benefits to know:

1. Easy for buyers, Easy for advertisers:

When a customer clicks on the ad, he is sure of what he is getting into. He knows what the sellers have to provide because he has already known about the product. And the customer can be more assured about the product this time. The sellers (i.e. the advertisers), on the other hand, can try out to reduce the mistakes done (if any) earlier. In addition, they can take the right step at the right time, because they now know the customer. This campaign helps both parties to know more about each other making easy for both of them to have a deal.

2. Business at its best:

When a customer clicks on the ad, the chances of him buying the service (or product) are maximum. Because if he wasn’t up to buy anything, he wouldn’t have clicked on the ad because this time he knows what offers will he be getting with the product. The advertisers on the other hand, being sure that the customer will buy the product can offer some bargain. This way, not only a lot of business deals can be done but also both the parties can be gratified with the contracts.

3. Vast Network:

This campaign is unique for many reasons. One of them is its vast network. Around 1 billion people (from every type of community possible), come under this program. As an advertiser, you actually have to never worry about spreading your products to divergent communities. It’s just the matter of time when you find that people from an unknown community has recently been your regular customer.

4. Time saving:

When every potential buyer reaches the exact seller, the buyer always takes less time to buy the product. This is because the buyer already knows what he is looking for and when he gets the product he just have to cross out his requirements and in this case, almost every requirement gets crossed out ( i.e. fulfilled). This saves a lot of time for both the buyers and the advertisers.

5. Expert Account Team:

Have any difficulties in placing the ads? Or cannot figure out what to do next? Absolutely No worries. Because with the expert account team which works 24/7, you can always have assistance, instantly. Just never forget to consult this experienced experts who have been maximizing retargeting campaigns since 2007.

6. Powerful Analytics:

With the powerful analytic present, you can have total transparency and control in what you do. You can track/measure the performance of campaigns from cookie to conversion. You can measure the impressions, the Click through Rates and View-through rates and CPC very easily. This system is very user-friendly, versatile and at the same time flexible.

So, as an advertiser if you are thinking of being a part of this program, don’t hesitate! Because with so many plus points, this could lead you to the turning point of your business.


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