harshit mehrotra


Thanks for coming on this blog, Harshit Mehrotra this side founder and owner of www.hrmehrotra.info. This blog is about technology, blogging, automobiles, entertainment, healthy tips and online marketing tips.

I am an online marketing expert, i have around 6 years and 4 months experience of online marketing including SEO, PPC, SMO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Video marketing too. At HRMehrotra, I share technology updates, blogging tips, SEO tips, PPC tips and my experience of any products/services.

My friends call me a ghost blogger because i love to blogging at night and web monster because i covered many aspects of web marketing.

I am a passionate blogger and if your passion makes good money for you then your passion becomes your breath, just what happened on me.

Well i think that’s enough about me if you have any query related to my blog or profile you can contact me here. I have founded one more blog which is called Searchenginemag.com and its about every thing related to digital marketing, you can say its like your search engine or digital marketing guide.

hope to see you again…

Harshit Raman Mehrotra (HRMehrotra)