10 Tips For Beautiful Skin And Hair In Winter

Do you want to keep your skin and hair beautiful in winter? It is really easy to have smooth skin and shinny hair in winter by following some simple tips. Read through this post to know about 10 tips for beautiful skin and hair in winter.

10  tips for Beautiful Skin in Winter

beautiful skin tips

1. Expose your body but not too much: If your body is already weak and becomes dry very often, avoid exposure of your body as more exposure can damage the softness of your skin.


2. Avoid skin dehydration: Cool wind and snow lead your skin to dehydration. So it becomes necessary to moisturize your skin by applying cold cream or a good moisturizing cream two times a day; morning and evening.


3. Use Vegetable oil on damaged or sensitive skin: Vegetable oils such as Almond oil can turn your damaged, dry or sensitive skin to a very beautiful and soft skin. Always try to apply vegetable oil on your lips and over eyes.


4. Use Body Lotion after shower: For softening and nourishing your body, after every bath it becomes necessary to apply a body lotion or moisturizing cream. So always take out some time for this.


5. Take special care of your cleavage: This area of your body is often exposed even in winter season also. It becomes necessary to extend the moisturizing cream to your chest or breast also.


6. Choose a Special Cream for your dry hands: In winters, hands and lips are most affected areas of body. In this point I will talk about hands, Replace your antibacterial soap to a moisturizing soap such as glycerin soap. Use leather gloves in place of woolen gloves as leather gloves can retain little moisture.


7. In winters, Use Anti-Ultra Violet Cream: Prevention from Sun in winter is more required than summer. You should never hesitate applying an Anti-Ultra Violet Cream, to protect your skin from sun.


8. Protect your lips: Take one lip guard cream in your pocket and use it whenever necessary.


9. Do not use too much hot water for bath or shower: Hot water reduces the moisture of skin and that’s why do not use too hot water. Also do not rub your skin much.


10. Drink plenty of water: In winter it is necessary, like other seasons, to drink lots of water. You can also include fresh fruit juices in your diet.



10 Tips for Beautiful Hair in Winter

beautiful hair tips

Here are some tips to have beautiful hair through winter.

  1. Bad weather affects hair. Always try to put hood and avoid using cups on hair which compress your head and therefore hair also.
  2. Apply vegetable oil at least twice a week on your hair. If you want to make them shiny, apply oil in night and leave for whole night.
  3. To keep blood circulation good, massage your scalp regularly.
  4. Use conditioner thoroughly after each and every shampoo.
  5. If you want to use hairstyles, try to avoid such hairstyle which pulls or flat your hair.
  6. Use humidifier for moistening the parts.
  7. Maintain home temperature, ideal temperature of winters in 30 °.
  8. Whenever you are applying conditioner, mind it not to exceed the time as per direction written on the pack.
  9. As we are talking about the tips for winter season, try to avoid heating appliances, particularly dryers. If you can avoid it then always keep dryer’s temperature low and do not keep it close to your scalp, avoid it as it will result increasing dryness.
  10. 10.  Try not to use hot water particularly on head. Always shampoo in warm water and rinse also with warm water.

James Jones is a regular writer and he likes to write on beauty and health and fitness topics like skin care, facial toning, and exercises.

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